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Everything you need to pass your Cisco CCNA, CCENT, IINS , CVOICE and CCNP exams from only $29.97 per month!
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Cisco academy students
Cisco network engineers
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and anyone who wants to pass their Cisco CCENT, ICND2, CCNA Voice, Security or CCNP exams

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Downloadable Switching Exam
Paul Browning
Mini switching exam for you to enjoy.. . . . keep reading

Cool free exams and podcast
Cool tips and tools for your CCNA success. If you missed the podcast where I share with you all the tips and tools you will need to break into a career in IT then you can download it from here. T . . . keep reading

Stuff Not Sinking in?Stuff Not Sinking in?
Feeling overwhelmed with the sheer volume of what you need to know. Trying to burn the information off the page into your brain but it isn't working? Here is what I suggest . . . keep reading

It's only an exam!It's only an exam!
What are you getting yourself so worked up over? I've failed them, our dual CCIE failed the CCNA five times. . . . keep reading

Specialist or Generalist?Specialist or Generalist?
Should you aim to be a jack of all trades or focus on being an expert in one area only? . . . keep reading

Which Certification Paths to Take?Which Certification Paths to Take?
CCNA to CCNP and then CCIE or do one of the CCNA specializations first? Follow your heart or your wallet? Confused? Then read on . . . keep reading

Digging DeepDigging Deep
How much reading about a topic should you do beyond what you need to know in order to pass the exam? . . . keep reading

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