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CCNA Simplified in MP3

CCNA Simplified in MP3
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Our famous CCNA study guide is now available in audio format (MP3 downloadable). Over 5 Hours of Audio Material.

CCNA Audio Guide - CCNA Simplified. This is the brand new version, updated with all the latest exam topics. All updated or new topics are shown in red.

Module 1 - Networking Module 2 - Connecting
Introduction to networking Router interfaces
OSI Model Router architecture
IEEE Standards Router modes
Cabling the network Config-register
Module 3 - Switching Module 4 - IP Addressing
Switching functions Binary explained
Port security How hex works
STP/RSTP+ IP addressing
Switch configs Subnetting
VLANS Subnet zero
Switch troubleshooting IPv6
and much more VLSM & Route summarization
Module 5 - IP Routing Module 6 - TCP/IP
Routing concepts TCP and UDP
Static routing ARP, ICMP, SSH
Admin distances SSL, CDP, Telnet
Classful/classless protocols DNS configuration
Dynamic routing DHCP configuration
Distance vector protocols  
Link state  
Module 7 - Security & ACLs Module 8 - WAN
Router security WAN topologies
Securing the switch HDLC
Using ACLs PPP
Learn wildcard masking Frame relay
Applying ACLs WAN troubleshooting
Network Security Threats  
Module 9 - Troubleshooting Module 10 - Wireless
How to troubleshoot in the exam Wireless standards
  Wireless security
Module 11 - SDM  
Brief overview  


Bonus Track - How to succeed in your Cisco exams.

This track covers motivational strategies and all the techniques Paul used to pass his Cisco exams. Save yourself weeks or months of wasted time and effort and get yourself motivated and focused on passing your exam.


Let Paul Browning, the author if Cisco CCNA Simplified, explain to you all the concepts you need to understand for your CCNA exam. If you find yourself travelling on the way to work or working out in the gym then why not use that time to study for your exam instead. Even 20 minutes per day will make a big difference.

CCNA Simplified audio book is in downloadable MP3 format. You can burn it onto your MP3 player, iPhone or listen to it on your laptop.

Please note:

  • Each copy is for your personal use only
  • This is an MP3 product NOT sent via CD in the post
  • Each copy will have your name burned into a background track for security
  • Each copy takes 3-5 days to arrive due to security being applied to your tracks
  • Download links will be sent to you via e-mail
  • Due to the nature of the download we cannot offer any refunds

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